Tracked & Tractor Mounted Post Driver Training

We are able to provide tracked or tractor mounted post driver training courses to companies and individuals in York and throughout the UK. We are an approved UK Rural Skills training provider and are able to offer accreditation under UK Rural Skills.

The aim of this training course is to give candidates a basic understanding of the knowledge & skills required for the safe operation of a post driver. It introduces candidates to the post driver and the safe use of driving wooden and steel fence or guardrail posts into the ground. On completion the candidates should be able to identify the hazards & risks associated with the operation. The candidates will learn how to safely manoeuvre the machine & position it for operation, how to comply with current Health & Safety legislation & relevant codes of practice. The delivery of training covers a mix of both theory and practical elements such as key Health & Safety legislation, Codes of practise & practical sessions where you will receive plenty of hands-on experience operating the machine & driving posts in.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Carry out a risk assessment of the site, task & machinery being used
  • Understand current Health and Safety legislation, and codes of practice
  • Identify PPE and guarding requirements
  • Undertake the required pre-start checks for the post driver
  • Correctly mount and dismount the machine
  • Understand the function of all controls and instruments
  • Carry out safe post driver operations for the installation of posts
  • Understand the use of warning signals and indicators
  • Know the ways in which the post driver should be operated and manoeuvred, and how different weather, ground conditions and types of terrain must be taken into account
  • Understand & demonstrate how to operate the post driver
  • Understand & demonstrate how to put post driver into transport position and work position where appropriate
  • Know the capabilities of the post driver and factors which may affect efficiency
  • Know types of hazards and obstacles which may be encountered and how these should be dealt with
  • Carry out post use checks & show faults, defects and wearing parts on the post driver
  • Explain how & where to clean the machine & PPE requirements

The length of training may vary depending on the objectives covered, the ratio of trainee/instructor and the ability and previous experience of the trainees.

Candidates must be 16 or over

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