Excavator Training

We are able to provide both Excavator training courses to companies and individuals in York and throughout the UK. We are an approved UK Rural Skills training provider and are able to offer accreditation under UK Rural Skills or NPTC City & Guilds.

The aim of these training courses are to give the candidates the knowledge, understanding and basic skills in the safe operation of plant machinery. It introduces them to the basics, pre-use checks, starting, operating and shutting down the machinery safely, we look at the hazards and risks involved with plant machinery operation and how to comply with current health and safety legislation.

The delivery of training covers a mix of both theory and practical elements such as key Health & Safety legislation and practical sessions where you will receive plenty of hands-on experience operating the machines, excavating trenches & reinstating them, levelling ground or loading materials onto dumpers/trailers & moving the machines safely on various surfaces.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Carry out a risk assessment of the site, task & machinery being used
  • Identify machine components
  • Mount & dismount the machine correctly maintaining 3 points of contact
  • Understand the gauges & lights on the instrument panel/dashboard
  • Understand the function of all controls
  • Understand the reasons for & undertake daily pre use checks
  • Understand the hazards associated with some controls
  • Understand & demonstrate the importance of the safe stop procedure
  • Be competent in driving the machine in a forward and reverse direction
  • Driving on various terrain undulating/side slopes
  • Carry out the task minimising risks to yourself, others & plant machinery & the work environment
  • Loading spoil into dumpers or trailers
  • Excavate trenches & level the ground
  • Load & unload a machine from a trailer
  • Leave the machine in a suitable safe position when parking
  • Understand the capabilities of the machine
  • Change the bucket/attachment

The length of training may vary depending on the objectives covered, the ratio of trainee/instructor and the ability and previous experience of the trainees.

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